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AHG AirGhandi Lubrication Oil 8ml

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"AirGhandi‘s Gun Lubrication Oil - With Microceramics"
There are places on your pistol and rifle that you simply can't reach with AirGhandi's Power Grease. Often, moving parts are installed so tightly next to each other that no grease fits between them. This is where AirGhandi's Gun Lubrication Oil will help you keep these parts from rubbing together and wearing out, thanks to the lubricating power of microceramics. The oil reaches the tightest places, where there is no possibility to lubricate them with grease. You will be impressed by the lubricating power of this oil. The perfect product for your favorite weapon.

○ Prevents wear and tear of weapon parts

○ Designed for use on firearms, but also for melee weapons and spring-piston air guns

○ Extremely high temperature and pressure resistance

○ Higher long-term temperature resistance than silicone

○ Without plastics such as PTFE ○ No toxic PFFE fumes are released even under extreme heat

○ Ceramic solids, which are heat resistant up to 1200°C, are used as lubricant

○ Offer emergency running properties even when the oil and grease carriers have burned off

○ Extremely long durability thanks to minimal wear of the ceramic particles

○ Also protects against corrosion

○ No oxidation, resinification and no thickening affecting gun usage

○ No chemical change of the lubricants within the temperature range of -50°C to +250°C ○ There are also no adverse effects on wood, plastics, coatings or other finishes

○ Not harmful to health when used as intended