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Anschutz Range Bag - Pistol

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ahg-Anschutz Range Bag 
ahg-Anschutz Range Bag made from high quality, tear-resistant nylon, offers room for 2 to 3 handguns, ammunition, 
hearing protection, tools and other accessories. 4 small side pockets with zipper plus 1 compartment for a water 
bottle are also features of this new bag. The large side compartment holds up to 8 magazines in separate brackets. 
For easy and fast opening and closing of the bag it holds two zippers linked with a large loop, a combination lock 
comes with the bag. Removable inner pocket with a main compartment and 2 adjustable side pouches provide even more space. 
Shell bag with snap hook to attach to belt or webbing. The shoulder strap is padded and removable. 
Technical Data:
* Space for 2 or 3 handguns, ammo, hearing protectors, tools etc.
* 4 small compartments with zipper
* large side pocket offers room for up to 8 magazines
* extractable inner pocket with main compartment and 2 adjustable side pockets
* pouch for receiver with snap hook for fastening to the pants’ belt
* 1 compartment for water bottle
* 4 rubber feet
* Material: high quality, tear-resistant nylon
* Length: ca. 60 cm Width: ca. 37 cm Height: ca. 27 cm Weight: ca. 3050 g
Item Number 299