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Kurt Thune Prone 600 Canvas National. Made to Measure

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The NON-ISSF Version



The NON-ISSF Version

Four Advantages for prone and kneeling shooters compared to ISSF Model prone jackets

1.  Jacket closing by 5 straps (ISSF require buttons).  Easier and faster to close and greater adjustability than with buttons.  Second strap diagonally attached to avoid left shoulder moving "upwards" in prone position.

2.   Thicker 4mm right shoulder Top Grip padding: reduces recoil impact when shooting big bore.

3.  Extra, left upper sleeve front side Top Grip padding (ISSF not allowed):  reduces pulse from sling in biceps area.

4.  Thicker 30mm elbow paddings (ISSF allows max. 20mm):  good for uneven ground or when none or only thin mats are available.


Figure shows in Standard covers blue/back/grey/white combination with white piping.

Available in standard sizes and as made to measures.  In canvas and leather versions.

Materials, stiffness etc as in ISSF version.