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Trainingsbuddy Booklet - NEW PRODUCT In Stock.

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Developed from the Austrian National shooter Bernhard Pickl and Lisa Haensch ( B.Sc Sport Science ) from Germany .


“As athletes, we often yearn for a trainingspartner for support and to bring you out of the comfort zone. But not always is someone available. That was the reason why we put our ideas on paper. The result is a creative collection of training options for the shooting sport - made for beginners as well as world-class athletes.”

Trainingsbuddy is a booklet with 44 exercises in three performance levels in a practical spiral pad (15 x 8 cm) that fits in any shooting bag.
Your Trainingsbuddy includes not only our favorite exercises, but also numerous newly developed tasks that appeal to both amateur shooters and professionals.
Exercises in four categories (technique, performance, special & game) and three performance levels,
helping you to make your shooting training varied, goal-oriented and challenging.


It is available  for pistol shooters or rifle shooters and available in English.

Item. No.  : 9922E-R   English for rifle shooters 

Item. No.  : 9922E-P   English for pistol shooters