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KK500-M Expert, right M-grip Match Small-Bore Rifle A world first: the Walther KK500 The new KK500 is a significant high-end extension of Walther’s KK300 range of small-bore rifles. With its special technical features, high shooting precision, new trigger and ergonomic stock it is designed primarily for shooters who compete at the national and international level.

WALTHER KK500: World first, protected by patent: bolt handle and cartridge ejection can be switched without tools for right- or left-handed operation Many exclusive technical features: Receiver located far back and deep in the stock; short bolt and breech permit easy reloading from the firing position 6 o'clock firing pin location for optimum ignition Weight-optimized firing pin for minimum action time (lock time) Cocking cam optimized for easy bolt closing and locking Innovative Menit V4000 surface coating for low-friction movement and smooth bolt action Three locking lugs One piece receiver with integral full-length sight dovetail 3D grip in three sizes and two geometries Very short, raised butt stock area, suitable for both short and tall shooters Parallel linkage for adjustment of butt stock cast Shallow fore-end directly below the barrel axis for maximum stability, especially in prone position Innovative EXPERT butt plate Entire butt stock can be replaced by manually loosening a single clamping screw ALL-IN-ONE cheek piece, ambidextrous (angle - edge - radius) Fine adjustment for cheek piece and quick-change feature Ball-bearing-mounted match trigger including trigger stop, for two-stage or single-stage operation Minimum distance between finger and barrel axis High-precision, durable match barrel made of high quality chrome-moly barrel steel in various lengths and weights Tension-free, vibration-damped mounting of barrel on acrylate coating in receiver Excellent shooting performance Developed in collaboration with Henri Junghänel, ISSF Shooter of the Year, 2013 Choice of Alutec or advanced Anatomic stock Choice of mechanical or electronic trigger Including MEC hand stop, Centra sight risers, INSIGHT-OUT rear sight, Centra front sight tunnel and gun case