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SCATT MX-2 Wireless

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SCATT MX-W2 — the newest model in the lineup of SCATT MX - series systems.
With this system you can practice at the reduced and real distances, indoors and outdoors, in dry-fire mode (no-ammo) and live-fire mode (real shooting).

Wireless optical sensor – can be mounted on most types of guns. It can sync to computers and portable devices via Wi-Fi.
Sensor's operating time from a fully charged battery is at least 3 hours.


The MX-W2 does not use an electronic target downrange, all it needs is a regular paper target.You can also use it at shooting ranges equipped with electronic scoring targets (i.e. SIUS). The entire SCATT system is now concentrated in the optical sensor, so it's surprisingly compact.


This model can work with round black targets on white background, police and biathlon targets.

MX-W2 runs with the newest SCATT Expert software, It opens up even more opportunities for practice and performance analysis.


  • For indoors/outdoors use*
  • Distance to the target – from 2 to 1000 m
  • Optical sensor type – wireless / wired (Wi-Fi / USB connection)
  • Optical sensor size: 34 x 35 x 60 mm
  • Optical sensor weight: 56 g
  • Software – SCATT Expert (for Windows and Mac OS)
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty

*Attention, equipment is not waterproof and is not intended for use in the rain.
The system is guaranteed to stay fully functional while using ammunition up to cal .309.