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Shooting Log by Anne Grethe Jeppesen

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This log was written by the very well-known shooting coach Anne Grethe Jeppesen from Norway.

Anne Grethe is an A-CERTIFIED ISSF COACH. The ISSF A-certification is the highest level of trainer education available by the ISSF academy.
This certification is directed towards trainers who work on an Olympian level internationally. 


Exercise diary for shooters

This book is a useful tool for those who want to take it to the next level. It helps you create structure, whether you have much or little time for exercise.

The book is date independent, meaning you can start the diary when ever you want. It also means you can take breaks and continue where you left off.

The book challenges your mindset and will make you reflect on your training and competitions. It will keep you busy with work and remind you of what to practice!

  • Keep track of what to train, why and how
  • Start recording your training from day one
  • Contains 52 weekly reports and 12 monthly statistics
  • Contains dedicated pages to build motivation in your workouts
  • Own section of statistics and results pages that summarize your history and progress