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Meyton Electronic Targets


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Shooting Stuff are the exclusive importers for Meyton Electronic Targets

Email us  in contact with your range needs - We can put together a simple package that includes targets, tablets, WIFI and wiring requirements.

No technical knowledge is needed to operate an electronic target.


Why Meyton?

Highest Accuracy  -  No moving parts  -  Robust design  -  Best service support in NZ  -  No consumable's

Longest life  -  Huge range of options and control PC's  -  It just works!

Why no prices?

  We design a solution for you - not just sell targets.  From single bays for home training, to whole ranges - each has its own special requirements.



ESTA 5 – the control PC inside the BLACK MAGIC electronic scoring target

With the ESTA5 app you can control the electronic scoring target with the browser. The Browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) downloads the ESTA5 app from the BLACK MAGIC electronic scoring target by a Wi-Fi or ethernet.

ESTA 5 offers you the exact same functionality as a physical control PC . You can choose between any device: computer, tablet, laptop or even mobile phones.


Experience the full functionality of the Black Magic ESTs!


  • well arranged display of the target
  • display of hits in different colours
  • display of
    • series
    • results
    • projections
  • choosing the discipline
  • individual switching between preparation& siting and competition
  • printing results
  • adjusting the electronic scoring target
    • illumination
    • target changer
    • calibration
  • on nearly every device with an HTML5 enabled browser
    • simple
    • cost-effective

 Click the images below for PDF's on Meyton targets.

esta5-mobile.png    black-magic.png    black-magic-xl.png


Ideal for single lanes and completely integrated into the Shootmaster-System 

The software on the Meyton black magic electronic scoring targets offers you completely new experiences: you can control the target from any device with Wi-Fi or ethernet.


Cost effectiveness without compromising functionality!

You can connect the control panel to the ESTA5 App. You also can control ESTA5 with mouse and keyboard or the touchscreen of your device.


The measuring principle of Meyton is unique.

Electronic scoring targets from Meyton detect you hits with hundreds of infrared light barriers.The measuring is
  • entirely contact-free. The trajectory of the bullet is not altered and you hits at the same on the control target as well as on the electronic display.
  • 100% optical. The measurement is purely optical and only light from the light barriers comes into contact with you hits.
  • highly precise. The light barriers are crossed and arranged an optimal fashion so that the centre of the hit can be measured with the precision up to a fraction of the calibre.
  • without moving parts. No vibration and no mechanism influences you hits.
  • without consumables. No rubber, no paper and no foil is required for the measurement. The electronic scoring target only requires electricity.
  • without wear. The light barriers are simply always bright. The quality of the measuring and the precision of hits remain unchanged.
  • energy efficient. The infrared light barriers are powered by specially energy efficient LEDs with low energy consumption.
  • pleasant. The infrared light barriers are not visible for the human eye and do not alter your view of the target.

You hit traverses the tightest net of light on the market.

The bullet interrupts light barrier. Every light barrier is measured individually and its brightness is recorded with the fine resolution. This allows the electronic scoring target to distinguish between completely and partially interrupted light beam.

Advanced algorithms in the software construct a highly precise picture of the position of your shot. By taking into account partially interrupted life barriers the electronic scoring target does not only detect the centre of the hit but also the calibre and the edges of the bullet.


For more than 20 years Meyton has continuously improving this measuring principle. You benefit from the permanent innovation of Meyton electronic scoring targets.

 By continuously improving our measuring principle our electronic scoring targets get better and better

  • more robust
  • more performance
  • more energy efficient
  • more durable
  • more effective
  • and the technology is now so small that Meyton can offer you the first 100% optical electronic scoring target for rapid fire (Black Magic XL).